A Return on Our Investment


A couple of weeks ago, in my post titled ‘Silent Green Giants’ I mentioned that we had our 3.7kW PV solar system installed in November.  Well, we finally got our bill today and in the 81 days since it was connected to the grid on 9th December we have completely covered the cost of our power bill AND have $181.00 credit.  This has been achieved during one of the wettest, cloudiest periods we have experienced in many years.  In fact we recorded 970mm of rain in January alone.  We probably had no more than about 5 seriously full sunny days in the whole time so we are very pleased with the credit in the light of the inclement conditions.  Here’s hoping for some fine weather in the next few months.

Our dinner tonight at ‘Rhubarb Rhubarb’ was very special and most enjoyable.  I would definitely recommend the restaurant to anyone looking for a meal that is a bit special.  They definitely concentrate on the food and leave the drinks selection to the patrons as it is completely BYO.

3 thoughts on “A Return on Our Investment

  1. That is fantastic. We are seriously looking into PV panels but I think it will be a little while before it happens. Getting credit must feel fabulous. I think I would be doing a happy dance.

  2. We had talked and thought about the panels for a considerable time before we decided that 2010 would be the year. We are so glad we did. Thank you for the positive feedback. I will be visiting your blog again soon. 🙂 Lots of happy dancing here!!

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