Stamp of Approval


Today I spent about an hour with Miss O as Belle had a specialist appointment for Izz.  I took the various garments that I am making for Miss O so that I could show her, check the fit and length for hemming and generally gauge her opinion.  Everything got the thumbs up so it will be full steam ahead to complete them all.  The yellow pinafore/sundress with red pockets was extremely well received.  She seemed particularly keen on the contrasting pockets and was eager to slip her hands into the pockets to try them out.  I will have to have another look through my stash and see if I have got  other suitable pieces of fabric as I think it will be a very practical style for wearing to daycare.

On another note, Origin Energy are not looking like getting a stamp of approval from me.  We normally receive our bills about 3-4 working days after the meter is read.  Last quarter the meter was read on 28th February and the bill was not generated until 5th April.  When I rang to inquire about a month after I expected the bill I was offered some vague explanation about the delays being due to the floods.  I am not sure how that works.  The meter was read last Tuesday (I was home so I saw it being done) and we still have not received the bill.  If it does not arrive by Thursday I will be phoning Origin to find out what is going on.  Just strikes me as a bit odd because these are the first 2 readings since the solar panels were installed and our account is in credit that there seems to be a delay in notifying us.  Call me a cynic if you like!  I want to know how much credit I have so that I can request it to be paid to us.  Better earning interest for us than Origin.

Watch this space for an update on me vs. Origin.

4 thoughts on “Stamp of Approval

  1. Hi Fairy. I had the same problem with TRUenergy. Meter was read 4 weeks before the bill arrived. I was told it was the company that reads the metres who had delayed sending the readings to the power company.
    By the way have you ever read a book called Your Money or Your Life? I am just reading it now and am finding it a great read. It is all about transforming your relationship with money. Absolutely fascinating. I got it from the library but I think I might be adding it to my birthday wishlist.

  2. Fairy, love the new look blog. Your photos are getting better and better, and I can see what you are trying to achieve with your sustainable lifestyle.

    I have recently changed to a self-hosted blog, and am having trouble getting your subscription to move across. So sorry if you are not getting any posts from me. My new blog url is: (similar, but not the same as the previous one).

  3. Pat
    Thank you for the book recommendation. I will try to find it at the library. I must confess that reading ‘money’ books is not one of my priorities. I would rather action than reading about it but there is nothing quite like a personal recommendation. I will let you know the outcome with Origin.

    Thank you for the feedback about the photos. I will try to get back to your blog – been a bit busy 🙂

  4. Fairy, I have to say, I DETEST books about money. I think the only reason I chose to read this one was because it was so highly recommended by people on the retirement thread on Simple Savings. It is not the usual money book. Not about making money, but changing the way we think about and relate to money, becoming financially independent without necessarily having more money. I like the concept and am enjoying reading it.

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