Exercise and Electricity

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In my first 7 days of walking in the Global Challenge I managed to average over 9,000 steps per day.  Today, Day 8, has been a bit of a failure as I have only done about 5,500 steps.  I am working from home tomorrow so hopefully will find the time to go for a long walk and improve my average for Week 2 of the challenge.

Speaking of challenges, I hope to cross a few more things off the list tomorrow as well.

The final challenge will be ringing Origin Energy tomorrow, no, the bill did not arrive in the mail today.  However, I did get some mail from Origin.

I will address the issue of “One month of free electricity” when I phone Origin tomorrow.  How will they measure it when I am in credit?  I think a reasonable option would be to give me credit equivalent to the cost of my usage for the month.  What do you think?

One thought on “Exercise and Electricity

  1. love your blog!! I used to make my kiddies thier clothes- looking at your brought back many memories 🙂 Please could you tell me how you made your childrens samswich wraps?? I have seen these advertised but seem alot fro what they are – and the SS in me says I could make them if I knew how?? what fabric did you use?? thanks a million Tracy ( Squeak from SS)

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