Dentist, Apples & Mould


Did the title grab your attention?  I wonder if anyone can guess what this post is really about?

Clove oil – that’s right, clove oil!  I bought some clove oil recently to clean the mould and when I first opened the bottle the smell triggered memories of apples stewed with whole cloves, however my friend was immediately reminded of the dentist’s surgery.  It is funny how strong the memories are, of associations with particular odours.

Since moving to Maleny I have struggled with the eternal problem of mould.  Living in a high rainfall area has a few downsides and the biggest one, in my opinion, is mould.  The last two years have been the worst due to the very wet weather we have experienced.  Mould grows on clothes, shoes, furniture, walls, doors, ceilings, light switches – is fact anything that does not move is a fair target.  I am sure it would grow on me if I stood still for long enough.  A couple of years ago we bought a dehumidifier from Moisture Cure.  We bought the LDH520 model.  It is works well but since you need to have all of the doors and windows closed the applications are limited.

I had heard that clove oil was the best thing to get rid of mould but was not sure how to apply it.  I was in despair at the state of the ceiling and cornices in the kitchen and living rooms, and they were only painted about 12 months ago!  A colleague at work had done all of the research and found that the best way to buy clove oil was from Aroma Fizz.  We bought 1 litre for $350 and divided the quantity among several of us.  I got 200ml and have been busy cleaning the ceiling in the kitchen – I cannot believe the difference.  Since the clove oil actually kills the spores I am hoping that we will have much less of a problem in the future.

Has anyone got any experiences of recurring mould after using clove oil?

2 thoughts on “Dentist, Apples & Mould

  1. We also get mould but not to that extent. I use clove oil in the shower but not too often as we dry the shower out after using it and also leave the shower door open to let air in to help dry.

    The only suggestion,though not sure if you can, is to keep everything dry. Don’t know what your weather is like but can you leave the windows and doors open when you are home to circulate the air through your home?

    We just love the smell of clove oil 🙂

  2. Hmmm, I wonder if it works on pink mould? The shower is the only place in the house where we get mould. And it is pink and nothing shifts it. Grrrr…

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