Organisation – Day 1

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The posts this week will be about being organised.  There are many different views of being organised, there is no right or wrong and organisation means something different to everyone.  Some days I am well-organised, other days I am not.  I do not even have the excuse of children to muck up my plans.

Tonight I am organised  because I (and The Duke) have:

  • prepared dinner for tomorrow night and it is in the slow-cooker
  • done a load of washing because it is cheaper to use power after dark when the solar PV panels are not generating power
  • hung out the washing and I have done some handwashing
  • cleaned up after dinner and done the dishes
  • worked out what I will wear to work tomorrow
  • made lunches
  • folded and put away clean clothes
  • sorted the ironing and it is in the ironing basket

Being prepared the night before does make it easier when we have to leave early in the morning.  More organising tips tomorrow.

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