Organisation – Day 5

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This is the last in my series of ‘organisation’ posts for this week.  Keep watching and you will find many more posts from time to time about organising in all of its guises.

Today I organised to make hot cross buns morning tea for my colleagues at work.  It took some planning as I put the dough on when I got home from work and it was almost 11pm by the time I took the finished product out of the oven.  The effort was worth it when I saw the looks on everyone’s faces when I arrived with a basket of fresh buns for morning tea.

2011-04-15 01My first attempt was a week ago from this recipe from Rhonda Jean, on the Down to Earth blog.  They worked well except that I put them too far apart and made them too large.  I also decided that we would like more spice in them.  I corrected all of these things with the batch I made last night (shown above) and they disappeared quickly at work.  I glazed them but did not do the crosses, however the ones I will make next weekend for the family will have crosses.

I rectified the problem of the buns spreading on the tray by putting the pieces of dough closer together and using high-sided cake tins.  In fact, some fused together and it was a simple matter of pulling them apart once they were baked.

This time I actually ended up with 21 buns and they were just a nice size to have with a cup of tea or coffee.

I now know that I will not be buying hot cross buns in the future.  Try the recipe and see what you think.

The Duke makes all of our bread using the breadmaker.  I have previously used it successfully to make pizza dough.I must admit that my hot cross buns have given me renewed confidence to try making the dough for other rolls and specialty breads in the breadmaker.

What do you make in the breadmaker?

One thought on “Organisation – Day 5

  1. I made a batch of hot x buns today and they are very nice. I have been making them for a few years now and they taste better and are a lot cheaper than bought ones.

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