Cleaning, Shopping & Cooking


Since I work full-time I don’t get to do much in the way of domestic chores during the week.  I know some people resent spending their weekends doing ‘housework’ but I actually find it quite a relaxing change from my working week.

Today I started by cleaning most of the drawers in the kitchen.  I have mostly deep drawers rather that cupboards so I took everything out of them, cleaned the drawers and replaced the contents.  Just have a couple more left to do.

Then there was the shopping, meat from the butcher, a few things each from IGA and the Co-op as well as a trip to Bunnings to buy a Gerni high-pressure cleaner (after much research and debate) and finally the purchase of an old silky oak dressing table/chest of drawers which needs restoring.  We will go to collect it tomorrow morning.

This evening  we made pizza for dinner (the dough was from the freezer) so while the oven was on I made fruit crumble with 2 apples and some of the rosella pulp (left from when I made the cordial) which was also in the freezer.  A muesli slice for lunches filled the oven to capacity.

Other than that I also did some washing and we cleaned the car this afternoon.  The new Gerni had a workout as there was flower debris stuck all over the car from Thursday when I parked it in the street near the station while I went to work.

I am looking forward to tomorrow as we are off to a 90th birthday celebration for my aunt so it will be good to meet up with lots of extended family.

2 thoughts on “Cleaning, Shopping & Cooking

  1. Was the silky oak chest from Frugalfriends? I am jealous. I was interested but I live too far away to purchase it.

  2. Pat Yes, it was the one on Frugal Friends. I couldn’t believe my luck when I read where it was – only about 20 mins away. Now ensconced in the workshop awaiting restoration.

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