Carbon Tax


I make no apology for this post.  It is my own opinion – nothing more and nothing less.

Love it or hate it- the details of the proposed carbon tax in Australia have been released today.  It has yet to pass through the parliament but there is every indication that it will.

Debate, misinformation and half-truths abound but this is a tax on polluters – not individuals.  There will be some impact on individuals who may or may not benefit from the proposed forms of compensation.

I am thankful that after years of doing my best to reduce my individual carbon footprint that the big polluters in this country are also being called to account by being taxed on the emissions they produce.  If this means that it is going to cost me a little bit extra then I am more than happy to pay it.

Perhaps we should keep in mind the quote from the late John F Kennedy;

“And so, my fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country.”

We should be asking what we can do for the planet, and consequently the future of our children and grandchildren rather than nitpicking over the details of who will be $10/week better or worse off.



5 thoughts on “Carbon Tax

  1. Hi Fairy,

    Thankyou for letting me know about your blog, what I have just read is fantastic.
    You have just said it so well, exactly how I feel.
    I am so pleased that there are likeminded people out there, especially in SS land lol.
    Well Done.

    Your last paragraph really hits home, that is so true. So frustrating when you see all the nitpicking, over something that can really do alot of good for such a small price.

    I am off outside to pot up about 30 plants for my DGK’s primary school for their upcoming Spring Fair, monies that will be used in the “Outdoor Edible Classroom” that DH, Myself, a few Parents and 2 teachers are building for the children to learn Sustainability, grow, tend to, cook and eat the produce. Plus learn about water saving, permaculture etc. We are getting there, just alot of hard work now we have got over red tape 🙂

    Will be looking forward to getting stuck into checking out the rest of your blog when I come back inside for Lunch 🙂


  2. Hi Fairy ,well said. I agree with you. Anything that makes our planet healthier I’m totally for it .
    As my DP says we are the only animal that sh*ts in our own nest, so to speak.
    Weather climate change is or isn’t, is totally irrelevant , cleaning up our Country/planet is priority number one, so its clean and healthy for us, our children,their children and so on .
    Sherrie from Simpleliving 🙂

  3. Sherrie, you are so right about the relevance of climate change. By the time we establish categorically that climate change is real it will be too late. The time to act is now!! In fact the time to act was probably 20 years ago.

  4. Pat from SS here. Could not have said it better myself, Fairy. I am so over hearing how many people are just interested in what is in it for them, or how will it impact on them. I discovered that by the time it all begins we will probably benefit by $400 a year, but I would be quite happy to be paying that $400 a year towards the changes. My concern is not for myself, or my husband but for my grandchildren, and potential great grandchildren.

  5. Agree completely Fairy. As soon as something has the word “tax” tagged onto it, everyone is up in arms about how much they are being slugged. How about the BIG PICTURE – does it matter if a loaf of bread will cost you 10 cents more or ten dollards more…. if you no longer have a liveable planet for your children to give their children! It’s TIME people. And thank heavens.

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