On The Road

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We left Brisbane late on Thursday afternoon and headed to Goondiwindi, on the Queensland/New South Wales border for our first night.  After a busy week in the lead-up to our departure I slept brilliantly last night.  In fact, I slept so well that I woke up this morning thinking that I was in my own bed.  That is unheard of, for me!

Today was a long day of just over 1,000 kms and almost 12 hours of travelling.  We arrived in Hay just after 6.30pm.  We shared the driving and while I was a passenger I did manage to do some knitting.  I am making some dishcloths and I have almost finished the first one which I had started at home during the Easter break.

I am hoping to continue our sustainable habits during the holiday as we would at home.  I brought food in containers, our own carry bags for shopping as well as drink bottles with water.  It is sometimes difficult to maintain habits when out of your normal environment but we will try our best and record our success (or otherwise) here.  The only spending today (apart from fuel) was one cup of coffee for The Duke ($3.85) and consequently a disposable cup to the rubbish!

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