The Big Picture

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Even though most of my goals are small, bite-sized chunks there is a big financial goal underpinning everything we do. After years of accepting that the mortgage for our home and the regular payments was just part and parcel of our existence we now have a strategy and timeline to have it paid off. The magic number is 8 years. A shorter time would be great but we have to be realistic and have chosen to enjoy our life in that time as well.

Like everyone, we pick and choose which parts of our spending can be minimised and which we are not prepared to compromise.

One example is my clothes. I am always neatly and appropriately dressed. I buy good quality clothes and choose to wear things for several seasons. Boots and shoes can be repaired and mending repairing clothes as required will extend their life.

I also rationalise what I do spend. I had my hair cut yesterday and as it is really short I find a good cut every 6 weeks keeps it looking good. My haircut cost $30 which equates to $5 per week or about 71c per day. When you break it down like that it seems like pretty good value. I do not have my hair coloured anymore (love the silver streaks for free). The only other cost is a tiny bit of shampoo and conditioner.

The biggest saving that we can make is by not eating out on random occasions. A menu plan helps as if I have the meals planned and usually partly prepared before we get home from work the temptation to eat out is far less.

Here is my meal plan for the next week.

Menu Plan

Tues – Tuna patties & veg
Wed – Steak & kidney bean pie & veg
Thurs – Tumeric chicken & veg
Fri – Pumpkin soup
Sat -Hamburgers
Sun – Quiche & salad
Mon – Risotto
Tues – Spaghetti bolognaise

Till next time.

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