A Sunny Day

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After a summer of rain and only a handful of sunny days it is a delight to have a real autumn day, even though autumn is nearly over.  Winter is only 5 days away.

These photos were taken this morning, I hope you like them.

2011-05-25 01

2011-05-25 02

2011-05-25 03These zygocacti, in various stages of flowering, came from my mother’s place over 6 months ago.  I have to confess that they had been left sitting on the concrete at the back of the house.  They had absolutely no care, got drowned in flooding rains but have still managed to put on a great show.  The Duke hung them up on the verandah last weekend along with a couple of other hanging baskets.  I am looking forward to adding to the collection in the future.

Those of you who are particularly observant may have noticed that the photo on the header of the blog has been changed.  The Duke has been pestering me to put a current photo on the blog header, so while I was outdoors with the camera I also took an updated photo of the house showing the solar panels and also the solar hot water system which have both been added since we have been living here.

The weather today will definitely allow for some generation from the solar panels.  The wet and overcast weather during the summer has really limited our capacity for generating power but hopefully the winter months will be mostly fine and sunny.  Our electricity reading is due within the next few days so I expect that we will get our bill in the next few days.  I really must stop referring to it as a bill as I am confident that we will once again have a credit balance.  We will then have records for 6 months of our electricity usage and generation from the solar panels so will have a pretty good idea of how much credit we can reasonably expect.  I am then going to request that the credit be forwarded to us as the funds are better being put to good use here than earning interest for Origin Energy.

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