Crisp, Clean Sheets

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There is nothing I like better than to slide into a bed freshly made with crisp, cotton sheets.  No matter how cold it gets I cannot bear the thought of flannelette sheets.  ‘Squiffy’ is my description for flannelette sheets.

I bought 2 new sets of bed linen from Blessed Earth yesterday.  They are organic cotton and just wonderful to sleep on.  We already have one set so when I saw that the 50% sale was happening it was a great opportunity to get some more.  I think that most of their business is online but I am spoiled as the shop is right here in Maleny.

There is no excess packaging either.  The flat sheet is folded around a piece of plain cardboard and they come in a cotton bag made from the same fabric as the sheets.  Each purchase is packed in a cotton carrier bag with ‘Blessed Earth’ printed on the side.  I will be proud to add this bag to my collection which I use for my shopping.

Here are the new sheets freshly washed and hanging on the line.

Then folded up and ready to go in the linen cupboard.

Now, with 3 sets of linen for our bed it will be quite a while before I need to buy any more.

One thought on “Crisp, Clean Sheets

  1. Oh god I love crisp cotton sheets!!! No flannellette for me either, and I can’t stand poly/cotton, and nor do I like cotton sateen – its’ too soft! The ultimate joy for me is after a hard days work at home, you make the bed with fresh sheets & jump in… bliss!!!

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