Laundry Tips (Part 2)


Following the comments on yesterday’s post I thought I would do a bit more research and here is what I have found.

Despite much googling (is that a word?) I was unable to locate any reference to a gadget to hang sweaters/delicate tops to dry.  I did, however, find this article on re-using pantyhose which mentions the method I described ie:  threading the legs of the patyhose through the sleeves of the sweater and pegging the pantyhose to the line in 3 places – beyond each sleeve and within the neckline.

  • Sweater Protector: Avoid getting clothespin marks on your newly washed sweater by putting an old pair of pantyhose through the neck and running the legs out through the arms. Then hang the sweater to dry on your clothesline by clipping the clothespins onto the pantyhose instead of the wool, or whatever material the sweater’s made from.

The quote above came from here.

This has served to remind me to take care of the hangers that I have but if they ever become unusable I can always go back to using pantyhose.  I don’t have many pairs of pantyhose but I will save any once they are worn out.

I had a little more success with the soap saver/shaker

It does seem to be a peculiarly Australian invention and I found the following references.

Here is one made from a tobacco tin.

And another in the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney.

There is an illustration of a slightly more modern version about halfway down this page.

And you can buy a soap shaker here on TradeMe – a New Zealand site so the ‘technology’ of the soap shaker has made it across the Tasman.

From what I can see I am lucky to have inherited the soap shaker.

What do you have or use that is no longer made?

4 thoughts on “Laundry Tips (Part 2)

  1. My mum has the same sweater hangers as you do – they are great! She’s had them forever, so god knows where she got them from… I’ll remember the panty hose trick though! Good idea for the soap shaker – I’ll keep an eye out for them too…

  2. I have seen the soap shakers in disposal shops in Toowoomba. They are the same design as I remember growing up (wire) and not very expensive from memory.

  3. Lol I remember my mum hanging jumpers with old panty hose. I have never done this and I dont know why, thank you for reminding me. Will go dig out some old panty hose tomorrow. Now I will finish reading the laundry tips post.

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