A Moveable Feast

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The menu plan fell in a heap before it was even 3 days old!  We did not have the chicken and avocado pancakes last night as I realised that I had given the last 2 ripe avacadoes to Belle and Missy on Sunday.

So, we had spaghetti bolognaise instead, the bolognaise sauce was in the freezer and I took out 4 serves so that my sister and brother-in-law could have dinner with us.  They called in on their way home from holidays to collect their dog who had been having a holiday at our place.

The remaining cooked chicken which was for the pancakes became chicken and salad wraps for lunch.

I decided that I did not want a mince-based dish 2 nights in a row so the Shepherd’s Pie which was planned for tonight has been shelved in favour of tuna mornay.

You are probably wondering by now why I bother having a plan.  I feel that it is the same as many other things in life.  You need to have plans and goals but also need to be flexible enough to change as required.  The menu plan helps ensure that things do not get forgotten and wasted eg: when I was unable to use the chicken for the pancakes I immediately set to thinking how else I could use it.

By having a well-stocked pantry and freezer I can always adjust my plan to meet unexpected changes.




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