Carbon Tax (Part 2)


I cannot believe some of the comments I have heard in the past 48 hours since the release of the first details about the proposed carbon tax.

Do people have no desire to leave a habitable place for their children, grandchildren and future generations?

The majority of people seem to only be concerned with the personal cost to them.  They should be asking about the future cost if this reform is not implemented.  The potential costs to our future are almost too great to contemplate.

The carbon tax is the first step towards developing a sustainable future for this country.

Please watch this video which explains the rationale and intent of the carbon tax in layman’s language.

If everyone who watches it can forward the link to 5 other people the message will filter through.  It is important that everyone understands what this is about.

To those people who feel that supporters of the carbon tax are ill-informed, ignorant and uneducated, I am sure Gail Kelly (CEO Westpac), Professor Tim Flannery (Australian of the Year 2007), Geoff Cousins (businessman and Telstra board member) and Ben Waters (Commercial Director, GE Aust & NZ) would be pleased to be described that way.  They are but a few of the prominent people from all walks of life who support positive action to address the complex issue of climate change.

This is an extremely important issue and I look forward to your comments.

4 thoughts on “Carbon Tax (Part 2)

  1. Fairy, I believe it is THE most important issue facing us. I can think of nothing more important, more urgent, more worthy of spending our dollars on than the future of our continent and our planet. I am heartily sick of the politics being bandied about. If ever there was an issue worth coming together on, this is it, surely.

  2. I know some people that have the attitude thats its not my problem I won’t be around then . Makes me sad and angry that people feel that way , I also know people that have recycle bins and they just throw all the rubbish in either bin , too hard for them to even do the right thing even though they are provided with two bins one for recycling and one for rubbish thats not recyclable. go figure. Some people are so self absorbed to consider the big picture.
    Sherrie from Simpleliving 🙂

    • Sherrie – I know of the same sort of behaviour. It saddens me but usually I just ‘let it go’ but I think the thing that has really got to me is the politicisation of the whole carbon tax discussion and the complete lack of interest on the part of a lot of people except for the fact that they might be out of pocket in the immediate future.

      Interestingly enough, despite at least 60 people visiting the blog today there have only been 6 votes on the poll. I am surprised at the apathy so soon after it was a very hot topic.

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