Pastry for Pies, Quiches and Tarts


We all have some things that we feel unable to cook successfully.  My nemesis is scones.  I must try again one day.  In the meantime if anyone has a foolproof scone recipe I am willing to give it a go.

Pastry is something that many people do not make from scratch for a variety of reasons.  I must admit I used to buy the sheets of pastry from the supermarket.  I would still buy puff pastry if I specifically needed that as I believe it is quite challenging and time-consuming to make.

Shortcrust pastry is a different matter and in an attempt to reduce the packaging that we accept into our home I have returned to my tried and true pastry recipes (sweet and savoury) which came from my mother.  I have used these intermittently for many years.



200g self-raising flour

100g butter

¼ cup cold water


Place flour in a bowl.  Finely shred the butter and rub into the flour until crumbly.  Add cold water and stir in with a knife blade to make a firm dough.  Wrap in a plastic bag and refrigerate for at least 30 minutes.  Remove from refrigerator.  Knead on a lightly floured board and roll out thinly.  Use as desired for quiche, savoury pie, sausage rolls etc.


I always use ‘real’ butter – not margarine or spreadable butter.  You will not get the same results with substitute ingredients in this case.

Use beaten egg to brush the top and underside of pie tops.  This will stop the pastry absorbing liquid from the filling and becoming soggy.



90g self-raising flour

60g plain flour

30g cornflour

90g butter

60g sugar

1 egg yolk

1 tablespoon milk


Sift the flours.  Rub in the butter.  Beat sugar, egg yolk and milk and add to other ingredients.  Knead gently and roll out pastry.  Place in pie plate.  Crimp the edges and prick with a fork.  Bake in a moderate oven.


This pastry is more delicate to work with but makes a lovely shell for a sweet tart such as lemon meringue or caramel.  I have not used it for anything other than tart shells but I am sure it could be.

Here are the finished sausage rolls using savoury shortcrust pastry.  I also made a mushroom and bacon quiche as well as tops for 2 mini beef pies.  These were the circles cut from the pastry in an earlier photo.  I made a double quantity of pastry to do all of this.

Pastry-making is a skill worth having and the results are rewarding.


8 thoughts on “Pastry for Pies, Quiches and Tarts

  1. Yummo, those sausage rolls look divine. Hmmm, must admit rarely make my own pastry and have never made sausage rolls. But after seeing how easy the recipe looks I will give this a go on the weekend. I am sure DH and the grand kiddies would love these too.

  2. Yvonne have you tried the lemonade scone recipe? That is one I use and they turn out very nice. My cooking nemesis would be sponge cakes, they never turn out the way mum use to make.

    Will try your pastry recipe to make sausage rolls for the family, thankyou for the recipe 🙂

  3. I love sausage rolls… that photo looks delicious!
    I just bought a new rolling pin, may have to try this out!
    ❤ Scather @

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  5. I love scones and use to be the worst thing to make until I found a flop proof scone recipe that is light, soft and rises beautifully. This may sound like a weird recipe but you won’t make scones any other way again
    500g self-raising flour
    250ml of fresh cream
    1 tin of sprite (fizzy drink)
    Pinch of salt.
    Preheat your over to 180 degrees. Combine all the ingredient and pour into muffin tin. (Quite sticky)
    Pop them into the oven till golden.
    These scones will still be light the next day. Enjoy!

    • Thanks for the scone recipe. I have heard of it before but never tried it. Scones and pastry are no longer on my list of priorities as I eat a gluten-free diet but I might have to try some for the family.

  6. mmm my mums sweet short pastry is different to this and it works. Its an old recipe too. I’ve tried this one and it doesn’t work as well. But….each to their own.

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