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We have finally received our refund from Origin Energy for the electricity we fed into the grid from the first 6 months of our solar panels.  This has taken 8 weeks from when our meter was read, so I am not happy with the tardiness of Origin but I am happy with the result.

Just over $600 for 6 months!  This is in addition to $0 electricity bills.  I am sure that we will be able to improve on that, especially since we had a very wet and cloudy summer .

The last few weeks of clear, cloudless days have been perfect for generating power so the next account may be even better.  This is what the sky looks like on these endless, clear, winter days.

We are saving money and making a positive contribution to the environment so I am really pleased.

I plan to make a complaint to the Energy Ombudsman regarding the time taken to receive the refund and the convoluted process.  I rang Origin to find out why I had not received my account 3 weeks after the meter was read and I have yet to receive a satisfactory answer to that question.  This is in direct contrast to receiving the bill within 3 working days for all of the years that we paid electricity bills.

If I want my refund more than once per year I have to specifically request it.  I cannot have the payment credited directly to an account.  I cannot make a standing request for any credit to be paid each quarter.  I have to ring up each time and spend 30 – 45 minutes on hold before I even get to speak to someone.  You would think that they would welcome the opportunity to streamline the process and reduce call volumes, wouln’t you?   After all that, it took 4 weeks for my request to be actioned, processed and sent.

I guess Origin have enjoyed the free use of my money in the interim.  It is a pity that they are not willing for me to take 8 weeks to organise payment of bills when I owe them money.

What are your experiences with electricity and other utility providers?

One thought on “Exciting Electricity News

  1. That is a great result. But you are right about the inaction on Origin’s part. They certainly have been using your money when they are really not entitled to.

    I signed up recently with Origin when they promised me a 7.5% discount. They said I would receive confirmation in the mail within one week and would have the usual cooling off period after that. The letter had not arrived within 3 weeks so when my old provider rang and asked us to stay with them, promising a 9% discount plus a further 2% for paying on time, I decided to take it. A young man on Origin’s phones told me I was under contract and it was impossible to cancel it, even though I had explained the whole situation to him. I rang the old provider back and they said, he has to cancel, so I rang again. This time I got someone else and they cancelled on the spot without comment!

    Now I am awaiting my first bill to see if the discount promises are honoured. I am not totally convinced they will be, though.

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