A One-Off Designer Original


I did not post last night as I was having a blitz in the sewing room.  I keep promising myself that I will sort everything out and store my very projects and stash appropriately.

I have achieved quite a bit in this room over a period of time but one of the things that always seems too hard is the dressmaking patterns.  I bit the bullet yesterday and decided that the majority of the patterns would not be used again – outdated style, wrong size etc.  I checked all of the pieces to make sure they were complete and then put them in a bag and they went to the op shop this morning.  There are probably still a few that should not have made the cut but they can wait for another day.

With the room a bit clearer I decided to start on my latest project – bags for Miss O and Izz for Christmas.  We have bought tickets for them to go to the Wiggles concert but as we all know, 2 and 4 year olds need something to open on Christmas morning.

This is the bag I made for Izz.  It truly is a designer original.  I think you will agree that you won’t find one like that in the shops.  I made the entire bag from scraps.  The main fabric is blockout curtain material that I used to make curtains for Miss O’s nursery.  The redtrim and tab was a small piece in my stash, the handles are lined with calico and the tab has a velcro fastening.

Here are a couple more views of the bag.

I have started one for Miss O with different fabric so will show you that another day.

I have almost finished a summer blouse for myself from fabric I bought over 2 years ago and cut out last summer.  I still have to do the binding on the armholes as well as the buttons and buttonholes.  Since I do not have any suitable buttons I will go to Lincraft during the week and see what I can find.

Speaking of buttons I did find some in my op shop expedition yesterday.  I found these in the jumble in a big basket.

They cost me the princely sum of $1.30 (5c each).  Here they are all sorted out.

I finished the hand-sewing on the oven mitt and am pleased to report that I used it tonight and the old towel that I used as wadding was very effective in resisting the heat while removing a Pyrex dish from the oven.  I have cut out all of the pieces to make 2 more mitts.  The one thing worth remembering is that you need 100% cotton fabric when making the oven mitts.

4 thoughts on “A One-Off Designer Original

  1. The bag is cute and little girl would love to have it!
    I will have to remember how to make the oven mitt next time I need one. Thanks for letting us know how it went.

  2. Thanks, Sue. I was really pleased with how the bag turned out, especially since it is the first time I have made one with side panels in it.

  3. Oh the bag is so cute. You are rght Sue any little girl would absolutely love it. I know my darling grand daughter who is 5 (going on 15 lol) would adore one like that.

    Note to self, I really need to practice sewing 😉

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