The Things We Do


Today we have been at home doing the things that are part and parcel of our lives.

The Duke has spent the day sanding the piece of furniture he is restoring.  Apart from a little more on the mirror frame it is now all ready to be finished with a clear lacquer.  We have new handles for  the drawers and also the mirror attachments.

I have been sewing.  Here is the bag I have made for Miss O for part of her Christmas gift.  It is the same style as this one that I have done for Izz.

2011-08-21 01I also made 2 more reusable sandwich wraps.  I had made 2 for Miss O and Izz a while ago and recently Belle asked if I could make a couple more as they are a great success.  She also wanted some smaller wraps for putting pikelets or small muffins in for their lunches at daycare.

These are the sandwich wraps.

2011-08-21 02This is a mini wrap.  I will give it to Belle to try before I make any more.

2011-08-21 03This evening I used pumpkin, cabbage and broccoli from our garden in our meal.  While the oven was on I made a batch of pear and passionfruit muffins for snacks.  The pears were over-ripe and needed to be used and the passionfruit had been frozen from when they were cheap at the markets.

Despite the cold and the rain we have had an enjoyable and productive day.

A One-Off Designer Original


I did not post last night as I was having a blitz in the sewing room.  I keep promising myself that I will sort everything out and store my very projects and stash appropriately.

I have achieved quite a bit in this room over a period of time but one of the things that always seems too hard is the dressmaking patterns.  I bit the bullet yesterday and decided that the majority of the patterns would not be used again – outdated style, wrong size etc.  I checked all of the pieces to make sure they were complete and then put them in a bag and they went to the op shop this morning.  There are probably still a few that should not have made the cut but they can wait for another day.

With the room a bit clearer I decided to start on my latest project – bags for Miss O and Izz for Christmas.  We have bought tickets for them to go to the Wiggles concert but as we all know, 2 and 4 year olds need something to open on Christmas morning.

This is the bag I made for Izz.  It truly is a designer original.  I think you will agree that you won’t find one like that in the shops.  I made the entire bag from scraps.  The main fabric is blockout curtain material that I used to make curtains for Miss O’s nursery.  The redtrim and tab was a small piece in my stash, the handles are lined with calico and the tab has a velcro fastening.

Here are a couple more views of the bag.

I have started one for Miss O with different fabric so will show you that another day.

I have almost finished a summer blouse for myself from fabric I bought over 2 years ago and cut out last summer.  I still have to do the binding on the armholes as well as the buttons and buttonholes.  Since I do not have any suitable buttons I will go to Lincraft during the week and see what I can find.

Speaking of buttons I did find some in my op shop expedition yesterday.  I found these in the jumble in a big basket.

They cost me the princely sum of $1.30 (5c each).  Here they are all sorted out.

I finished the hand-sewing on the oven mitt and am pleased to report that I used it tonight and the old towel that I used as wadding was very effective in resisting the heat while removing a Pyrex dish from the oven.  I have cut out all of the pieces to make 2 more mitts.  The one thing worth remembering is that you need 100% cotton fabric when making the oven mitts.