Repaired and Refreshed

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Today we did not need to go anywhere so The Duke and I spent the day working on various projects around the house.

I mended a pair of The Duke’s jeans which were starting to look a bit threadbare but he had declared that they would be OK for working around the yard.

2011-08-14 01I used some double-sided iron-on backing which is normally used for applique work.

2011-08-14 02I ironed a piece of this to the wrong side of the jeans where they were very worn and then added a piece of strong, black cotton fabric.

Using a zig-zag stitch I overstitched the torn areas and around the entire patch.  Here it is from the wrong side.

2011-08-14 03And the final view from the right side.  Very classy for wearing at home!

2011-08-14 04I also reassembled the newly-painted chest of drawers and mirror and here they are in the corner of the sewing room.

2011-08-14 05I lined the drawers with some used gift-wrapping paper and have sorted out some more fabric which will be stored in them.  I am gradually making progress with the sewing room decluttering.

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