The wild weather we experienced 3 weeks ago is back, although not quite so dramatic.  Parts of the Sunshine Coast and hinterland, where I live, have received well in excess of 200mm since the rain began on Thursday.  The majority of it fell overnight on Sunday and all day yesterday.

2013-02-19 01The rain has eased for the moment and the forecast is that we have seen the worst of it so any flooding should only be minor to moderate.  The lake in our backyard is nowhere near as extensive as it was last month or on many other occasions.

2013-02-19 02Gale force winds are being forecast for the next 2 to 3 days and of all the extreme weather conditions, it is wind that actually poses the greatest risk to us and therefore the need to be prepared.  While there is a small chance of structural damage, either directly or from falling trees, loss of power is our major potential problem.

2013-02-19 03Electricity is integral to almost everything we do in the 21st century so we have done all that we can to make sure that we can function for up to 3 days without it.  Before I left for work today I made put containers of water in the portable fridge/freezer (set to ‘freeze’) so that we will have plenty of ice available to keep foodstuffs cool if we lose power for more than 24 hours.  We also have 20 litres of drinking water immediately available.  The cooktop is gas and we have solar hot water (if the sun happens to be shining!)

2013-02-19 04A less obvious piece of planning was my choice of clothes to wear to work.  I had previously decided to wear a skirt, blouse, stockings and heels but instead opted for lightweight jeans, fitted ¾ sleeve top and lace-up shoes and socks.  If we arrive home this evening (after dark) and there is no power I do not need to be stumbling around in my fancy work clothes.

I hope my preparation is not required, however, since it is only 3 weeks since we lost power for more than 3 days the inconvenience is very fresh in my memory.  I wonder if others have taken heed as a result of the previous storm or if they have quickly slipped back to the complacent attitude of expecting that there will always be power whenever they flick a switch?

13 thoughts on “Prepared

  1. I certainly hope that you do not lose power again this time. Raining here but not very windy. Pity about my tennis day though. ;(

  2. smart for you to be prepared. so many of the folks in our building just run off to relatives in the area when our power goes out as it frequently does. If they ever get stuck here during an outage I’m not sure they’ll know how to handle it. Better to be ready.

    That first picture looks like a very nice stream. Now you just need some ducks!

    • Running away is not the answer. We all need to learn to be more self-reliant, whatever our circumstances.

      We do have ducks! They are not ‘ours’ but do turn up every time the ‘lake’ appears with the rain. There are usually at least 2 and sometimes as many as 6. I will try and get a photo of them for you one day.

  3. You certainly have had a lot of rain:( It’s been on and off the past couple of days. I’m afraid I’m somewhat complacement although I do have a number of frozen ice blocks and plenty of drinking water. My problem would be not being able to boil or cook anything. I should look a purchasing a little gas ring so at least we could have soup or a cuppa. Fingers crossed that you don’t lose power again.

  4. PS, I was discussing this last night with dear hubby and he mentioned about our bbq which also has a ring for cooking:) I’d completely forgot about that:( He also mentioned a small generator he has at work which we could also use in an emergency. I feel so much better now of course I have plenty of candles, battery radio and torches. Hope you were OK last night Fairy?

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