Making Way


As many of you would be aware, I have been streamlining my wardrobe for nearly 12 months.  My goal is to have a modest selection of good quality clothes that I love and are flattering to wear.

The Duke generally keeps his selection of shirts under control but after our  shopping spree in Melbourne a couple of weeks ago it became obvious that he had too many pairs of trousers that he rarely wore.  So, this evening we went through them and culled 3 pairs of trousers as well as the suit he had replaced.  I have also put 3 skirts into the op shop bag.  I am planning on refashioning 2 other skirts but the these do not fit with the clothes I need and love.  All of the items we are letting go of are good quality and in excellent condition so I hope someone can use them.

2013-02-18 01In the back of my mind I keep thinking of the money that we have spent on these (and clothes) over the years but I know that I cannot use that as a reason to hang onto them for ever.  That is no way to recoup the money spent. However, it is a timely reminder to be very thoughtful about what you spend you money on, whether it be clothes or something else entirely.

It is far better to someone else the opportunity to gain some use from the items that are no longer wanted or required.

Finally, a warm welcome to all of the new readers and followers.  I hope you find something of interest in my blog and thank you for joining in.

6 thoughts on “Making Way

  1. Making the, possibly bad, choice to make a purchase we didn’t need in the first places doesn’t have to be compounded by the even poorer choice to hold on to the item simply for monetary value, I agree, letting it go so someone else can get use out of it is a much better solution.

    • I look forward to hearing how you go with sorting out the clothes. It can be overwhelming if you have not tackled this job in a while so you can start small. I find it easier if I do a category at a time. Maybe start with skirts (or anything really). Once you feel you have a small success you will be inspired to try a bit more.

  2. Since I downsized for the second time and retired at the same time, with still far too much stuff for my smaller house, I have donated all of the surplus items that I identified during my decluttering/unpacking and felt happier knowing that this was going to a charity who would use the money they could get for my things to go towards worthwhile causes. Once I started to think along these lines I stopped thinking about what the items had cost me, and thought more about the value of the donation that the charity was getting. It definitely made it easier, especially as I have to think about where I spend my retirement income as a modestly self funded retiree.

    • Hi Victoria

      Wise words indeed about the value of the donation. Downsizing certainly forces you to evaluate what you really need. We all should think more about where we spend our money, too.

      Thanks for joining in and sharing your thoughts.

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