Sew Quick and Easy


Yesterday I finally picked up my sewing machine from having it serviced, so today I decided to spend some time sewing.  Some of it has been quite challenging, a pleated skirt which is now too big for me.  I have completely disassembled it and am in the process of re-making the skirt but in the meantime it was good to start and finish a couple of simple projects.

First was a pair of boxer shorts for summer pyjamas for me.  These were from some material kindly given to me by a friend.

2013-02-17 01I teamed them with an existing tank top to make this set.

2013-02-17 02She also gave me a piece of flannelette with a cute teddy bear pattern that was just begging to become winter pyjama bottoms.

2013-02-17 03I did some mending, too.  This pair of shorts is about 12 years old and I wear them when painting or gardening.  The fabric is in good condition but the elastic had given way so I unpicked the waist and old elastic, replacing it with 2 rows of new 6mm elastic.

2013-02-17 04The shirt which was waiting to have the buttonholes done is also finished.

I will keep you updated on the progress of the skirt.

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11 thoughts on “Sew Quick and Easy

  1. Doesn’t it give you a great feeling to get all those sewing jobs done that have been sitting looking at you for ages, leaves your sewing room neat and tidy too, ready for the next pile of repairs.
    I have had my sewing machine for 14 years and my Mum about 5 years before that and it has never been serviced. On Friday I made the 100km round trip to the Janome shop, $120 for a full service and the assurance that my machine is a quality one and well worth spending the money. Then when asked if I had brought the foot pedal I realized my mistake by leaving it in the drawer of my Horn cabinet, so I have to make the journey again tomorrow with the foot pedal. And I thought I was organized. Oh well, I can always blame my age !

  2. It is great to get some things done. However, the sewing room is not too neat at the moment because there are a few other works in progress. Unfortunately, my full-time job gets in the way of sewing so it will have to wait until next weekend.

    Thanks for popping in. 🙂

  3. Sewing projects seem to multiply around here. As soon as someone learns I can sew even a little bit they are asking me to hem this or repair that along with my own piles. The latest was my daughter-in-laws grandfather who picked up two pairs of pants from the thrift store and needed them shortened. How do you say no to someone who is trying to avoid buying brand new?

    • It is hard to say no but you are providing a fantastic service to those who are trying to avoid new things. Perhaps you could charge a small fee or barter for a service you need?

      • I did receive a casserole of home made macaroni and cheese for hemming the pants, which I shouldn’t eat, but it was a lovely gesture and not something I make very often.I do barter for many services, as I believe a cashless exchange is better for us.

  4. Looks like you machine has been very busy. Love the summer PJ’s. You have just given me a great idea for PJ’s for our daughter. I have just made 2 pairs of trousers for her dance show this week and they were very easy to make. Must find time to get cracking.

  5. Very cute summer pj’s, perfect match with your existing top. The skirt sounds very intricate, with your sewing skills I’m sure it will be a breeze:)

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