Minimalism and Multipurpose


While the nature of some tasks require a specific tool or space to complete the job, many things do not.

The first thing that comes to mind are the plethora of single-task appliances which seem to take up residence in many kitchens.  You know the ones – waffle makers, ice-cream makers, popcorn makers, juicers, breadmakers and so on.  I admit to having a breadmaker – The Duke makes all of our bread and has done for many years, although he is playing with the idea of artisan-style bread baked in the oven and successfully made a loaf the other day.  We also have a juicer which could be used more.

However, today I want to take the concept of multipurpose away from appliances.  When we had our kitchen re-modelled a few years ago we created a large amount of bench space, including this breakfast bar.

2013-02-20 01We use this space for eating meals, serving food and general food preparation so it does not always look like this.  Once I have finished using the bench, it is cleared and we try not to use it as a ‘dumping ground’.

By having a clean, clear bench I am able to use it for other purposes.

2013-02-20 02I can pull the chairs back out of the way and I have a cutting table and workbench for when I am sewing.  It is the perfect height and totally stable.  I am also able to access it from almost any direction.  My sewing machine is in the closest bedroom (a few steps along the hallway) but this is the perfect solution for me.

So, which comes first minimalism or multipurposing?  If I had more stuff the bench would probably not be clear to use.  If I could not use the bench would I acquire a suitable table and contribute to more stuff?

This is a winning solution whichever way I look at it.

6 thoughts on “Minimalism and Multipurpose

  1. If you didn’t have a clear bench maybe you would even have been tempted to add on to your home for workspace, or move. I think it’s great that you have a multi-purpose area in your home, I think every home should.

  2. My kitchen or dining table has always been my sewing cut out place and sometimes my sewing place as you can go right round. My ironing board was once my desk in times gone by and now doubles as a favorite sleeping place for the cat…on a special towel. I have used cups to hold desserts, clothes horses for drying pasta etc…It is an unfolding process getting the mix right.

    • It is a challenging and gradual process. My best suggestion is to try to remind yourself that all the stuff that gets dumped has a ‘real’ home and put it there. You could start by setting a goal of having it completely clear once a week and set a time – maybe Saturday mornings and then take it from there. Good luck and let me know how you go.

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