Pantry Organisation – Spices


Thanks to Cath and the OC girls, I felt obliged to tidy up my spice drawers today.

When we had the kitchen renovations done a couple of years ago I convinced the cabinetmaker to put 2 drawers in the pantry for spices and other small containers.  I already had most of the containers so we were able to make sure that the drawers would be the right size.

They were not too untidy but some improvements could be made.

Here is the top drawer – before shot.

And after.  Please note – labels on top of the containers AND in alphabetical order.

The bottom drawer before I re-arranged it.

I do not think it looks much different afterwards as I chose not to label the tops of the jars.  Most of them are different and I know what is in them.  The old clear plastic container is perfect for holding the tiny bottles, such as the food colouring.

I also defrosted the small freezer and made a start on the study by cleaning the window and flyscreens.

Since I have 5 days off in a row (including the weekend) I am hoping to get some more cleaning and sorting done around the house.  I will show you some more tomorrow.

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