Second-hand Rose


No post last night as I was busy sewing.

The flowers are not roses and the floral fabric is the only part that is recycled but here is the outfit that I have made for Izz.  It is part of her birthday present.  She will be 2 on Sunday.

A skirt.

A top.

And a jacket – I just need to add the press studs to the front bands.

When the pieces are teamed up it will look like this.

And this.

As I mentioned at the beginning of this post the floral fabric came from a sundress that belonged to Belle.  She was planning on sending it to the op-shop but I loved the colours and the good quality cotton fabric.  The rest just evolved from there.  I had everything else in my stash and only need to buy some more press studs as I only have 3 left at the moment.

I am off to town shortly to buy the press studs, buy a few groceries and then I will be home to do some more sewing.  I may have more to post tonight if everything goes according to plan.

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