Travel and Treading Lightly

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The Duke and I did a road trip for 2 weeks in May and with some thought and planning I was able to maintain many of the habits from home while we were on the road.

This trip is a little different.  I am at a work conference at the Novotel Forest Resort at Creswick in Victoria.

This is the view from the balcony outside my room.

We are here until Friday afternoon so I am sure there will be lots more to tell but I just thought I would share some points I have discovered today about the environmental impact and potential sustainability when you are travelling and have no real choice in anything.

The Good:

I caught the train to the airport.

I am combining 3 days in Victoria for pleasure after the conference so only one lot of air travel for 2 purposes.

I took my own snack and drink to have at the airport – no takeaway bought.

Qantas now promote separating the recyclable items from the waste eg: cans, bottles and plastic cups handed to flight attendants separately.

Travelled by bus from airport to venue.

Lunch provided in brown paper bags which I saved and will take home.  They are quite large with strong handles.

Minimal lighting in resort corridors – main lighting is activated by movement.

Door opening onto balcony – means I can have fresh air and ventilation – do not have to rely on airconditioning.

Card in the bathroom promoting shorter showers.

The Bad:

Non-recyclable packing from snack on the plane.

I travelled by plane.

Lunch items were wrapped in plastic film.

Bottled water was provided with lunch.

All in all it has not been too bad in terms of environmental impact.

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