Ready, Set,Sew


I have my next sewing project planned which is to make a dress for my niece who is almost 12 months.  She won’t wear it for another 6 months or so as she lives in the Northern Hemisphere.  Tonight I assembled the things I will use and I hope to do it on the weekend.

2011-09-15 01Here is the fabric and buttons I will use.  The floral print fabric was given to me recently from my friend whose mother who no longer sews.  The plain blue came from my mother-in-law’s stash of fabric.  The buttons are ones that I found at the op shop.  Priced at 5c each I buy buttons if I see ones that I think will be suitable for my sewing – particularly on children’s clothes.

The pattern I am going to use is from an Enid Gilchrist book that my mother gave me.  The books are mostly over 50 years old.  I have about 6 of her books and although some of the clothes are a little dated there are lots of good basic designs.

2011-09-15 02I have made dresses several times using this pattern.  This first time was for my sister when I was only 10 years old.  I have made dresses for my daughters and more recently, my granddaughters, from this pattern.

This is Belle, aged 12 months in a dress from the pattern.

2011-09-15 03Here is one I made for Miss O.  She wore it on her first birthday.

2011-09-15 04Even a version for Christmas.

2011-09-15 05

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