What To Do………..


with a microwave oven that has ceased to work?

Our microwave stopped working a few days ago and now I have the dilemma of what to do with it.  I do not believe it is worthwhile taking it to see if it can be repaired.  Microwaves are certainly not something that can be repaired by an amateur but the thought of it going to landfill is not great either.  It seems hypocritical to be saving every little thing that I can from landfill and then I turn around and dump a microwave.

I cannot think of any uses for an old microwave without possibly compromising the safety of those in the area.

So………..what would you do??

I am going to buy a new microwave because I have realised that I definitely could not live without it – at least while I am working full-time and arriving home after 7pm each evening.


3 thoughts on “What To Do………..

  1. Our council tip has a special area where white goods can be left for recycling – as spare parts, metal for scrap etc.

    I have not personally seen this, but I’ve been told some people use them as letter boxes. You can certainly fit in a lot of mail and it keeps dry!!

  2. Fairy, I find the microwave, when not in use, makes a great bread safe. Not sure if you have the space for it, but it is just another cupboard with a shelf on top now. 😉

    I use it for anything that needs storage safe from insects when it’s still too hot to put in the fridge but don’t want to leave it on the bench.

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