Wet Washing


I read this post from Froogs last week and was reminded that although we live in the opposite hemisphere and it is spring here, it would soon be a struggle to get the washing dry.

We have mild, sunny winter days with relatively low humidity but the spring and summer are a different story.  The spring thunderstorms have started and before we know it we will have 6 months of humidity greater than 90%.

2011-10-15 01I do have a tumble drier but try to limit the use of it.  The dehumidifier is a very effective drier so I set up my wet washing in the bathroom with the dehumidifier.  The bathroom is a perfect choice as it is a small room so the effect is concentrated and as an added bonus the towels end up warm and dry as well.

2011-10-15 02The top rail of the shower screen is perfect to attach the hanger with socks and underwear (and the occasional ziplock bag!)

2011-10-15 03I retrieved the portable rotary clothesline from the cupboard and put it up in the bathroom.

2011-10-15 04In the really humid weather I also ‘air’ the ironed clothes for an hour or so with the dehumidifier to make sure they are totally dry before I put them away in the wardrobe.

2011-10-15 05We do have a rotary clothesline outdoors but I rarely use that as we have plenty of clothesline under the verandah.  However, when it is so humid I do resort to drying the clothes using the dehumidifier.

What seasons are a problem for you?  How do you get the clothes dry?

5 thoughts on “Wet Washing

    • I am really interested in the idea of the dehumidifier as I was going to buy one to cope with the humidity in our area which is mid north coast NSW and we are close to the sea. It could therefore serve 2 purposes. I would need to know how much water would be taken out of the washing and would it be costly to run.

      • Jeni – I have not actually costed the dehumidifier but am confident that it is less than a tumble drier. The other bonus is that it will dry out the surrounding room as well. Also consider that it can be used for all of the things you can’t put in a drier eg: knitted jumpers etc. There is also no wear and tear on the clothes. Think about all of the lint in the tumbler dryer filter. – that has all come of the clothes!

        Finally, I bought mine from Moisturecure at Port Macquarie and they were very helpful and would be able to give an idea of cost to run.

        Please let me know if you need any more information.

        The dehumidifier has been an absolute godsend in many ways. When it is very damp we run it for a couple of hours in the evening in our bedroom. It is so nice to get into a bed that hasn’t got damp sheets.

        Good luck.

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