Creative Capers


The last week I have been working on some creative projects.  They are mostly sewing but not exclusively so.

Last week I mentioned the stands I have for making balloon topiary trees.  I recovered these for use  at my mother’s 80th birthday celebration last weekend.

2011-11-18 01Here is one of the completed decorations.  I covered the bases with recycled brown paper and the ties were cut from  fabric that was once a dress.

Meanwhile, I finally made a top from fabric that I had bought over 2 years ago.

2011-11-18 02It is quite plain and here is the back view with buttons.  I devised the pattern by modifying an existing one for a front-opening shirt with a collar.  I made a prototype in calico to check my design before cutting into my expensive embroidered linen fabric.

2011-11-18 03I think it looks better on me than on a hanger so will post another photo when I can organise a helpful photographer.

Then there is the ever-present mending!

Yesterday I darned small hole in one of The Duke’s woollen sweaters.

2011-11-18 04This is the view of the darn from the inside and below is the view from the outside.

2011-11-18 05It is not perfect but the garment is definitely wearable and quite acceptable.

Finally, I patched both pairs of The Duke’s trousers that he wears when painting/gardening and working around the house.  I used some double-sided iron-on interfacing to fuse the patch to the wrong side of the fabric.  The interfacing is some that is left from my applique supplies.

2011-11-18 06The outside of the trousers – not pretty but definitely functional.

2011-11-18 07What do you make or repair?

3 thoughts on “Creative Capers

  1. I do simple repairs like buttons and new elastic in pyjamas and hems. Can’t stand pants to have hems trailing on the ground like seems to be fashionable. I also do minor alterations, like turning a long pair of pants into shorts, otherwise I don’t do a lot of sewing these days as it seems easier to just nip into the op shop and buy something . My best clothes have come from Op shops.

  2. Another trick I have used with repairs if it is in the right place is to sew a logo or embroidered patch over the spot. This worked well when the boys were younger. While Lincraft sells these patches new I often took them off older clothes and kept them for future use.

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