Darning – My Version

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I have been unwell for a few days so blogging has not been high on the agenda but I am back now.

Tonight I have a quick post to show you how I mended a small hole in the sleeve on my woollen cardigan.

I noticed the hole a couple of weeks ago when I was about to lightly press the cardigan so I put it aside to mend and finally got around to doing it today.

Darning seems to be a dying skill and my method is far from the traditional method but I find it quite effective.  The basic premise is to replicate a weave by running a series of tiny stitches parallel to each other in one direction and then another series perpendicular to the first.  It is generally done in a fine matching wool on knitwear.

Today I used 4 strands of regular sewing thread in a matching colour to darn a small hole in the sleeve of my cardigan.  I do not have a ‘before’ photo but the ‘after’ one shows the result.  It is not perfect but I am happy that the cardigan is still wearable.


Creative Capers


The last week I have been working on some creative projects.  They are mostly sewing but not exclusively so.

Last week I mentioned the stands I have for making balloon topiary trees.  I recovered these for use  at my mother’s 80th birthday celebration last weekend.

2011-11-18 01Here is one of the completed decorations.  I covered the bases with recycled brown paper and the ties were cut from  fabric that was once a dress.

Meanwhile, I finally made a top from fabric that I had bought over 2 years ago.

2011-11-18 02It is quite plain and here is the back view with buttons.  I devised the pattern by modifying an existing one for a front-opening shirt with a collar.  I made a prototype in calico to check my design before cutting into my expensive embroidered linen fabric.

2011-11-18 03I think it looks better on me than on a hanger so will post another photo when I can organise a helpful photographer.

Then there is the ever-present mending!

Yesterday I darned small hole in one of The Duke’s woollen sweaters.

2011-11-18 04This is the view of the darn from the inside and below is the view from the outside.

2011-11-18 05It is not perfect but the garment is definitely wearable and quite acceptable.

Finally, I patched both pairs of The Duke’s trousers that he wears when painting/gardening and working around the house.  I used some double-sided iron-on interfacing to fuse the patch to the wrong side of the fabric.  The interfacing is some that is left from my applique supplies.

2011-11-18 06The outside of the trousers – not pretty but definitely functional.

2011-11-18 07What do you make or repair?

The Mending Pile


In between other domestic chores I managed to do a few things from my pile of mending.  Nothing was too difficult but it is just a matter of making time to do it.

I let the hem down on Izz’s dressing gown and also added ribbing cuffs to the sleeves to gain a little extra length.  This will now last her until the end the winter.  I made the gown for Miss O and they have both worn it.

I also added ribbing band to the sleeves and body of Izz’s pyjama top.  The t-shirt fabric which I had bought from Spotlight had stretched  a ridiculous amount so the bands will make it wearable again.

Then for something completely different I darned a hole in a woollen pullover that belongs to The Duke.  It is only worn around the house since it was eaten by moths a couple of years ago.  Now, I use it for darning practice and The Duke continues to wear it.

I redid some stitching that had come undone on 2 purchased tops of mine and then finished shortening the sleeves on a jacket I bought at the beginning of the year

I think there are still a few more things to be mended lurking under the piles on my sewing table but I am gradually making progress.

While on the sewing theme I wanted to show you the pinafores I made for Miss O and Izz.  Here they are being worn.  I am very pleased with how they turned out.

2011-07-17 01And another view

2011-07-17 02