Space and Style


More is definitely less when it comes to decorating.  I find a single piece much more aesthetically pleasing than a cluttered jumble all vying for your attention.

Here is a glass cutting board which I have standing in a clear acrylic recipe bookstand.  It is both functional and decorative on the kitchen bench.

2012-01-18 01The living room has a long, low bookcase and I have this glass bowl on it.

2012-01-18 02Everything about this means something to me.  The bowl was a gift from my daughters.  The rocks were collected by my parents while travelling through western Queensland and were gathered almost 50 years ago.  The doily is Nottingham lace and was a gift from a close friend.

2012-01-18 03The decorative value is accentuated because there is nothing else competing with the bowl.  Simple and effective.

8 thoughts on “Space and Style

  1. Yes Fairy I have always been a less is more person. I don’t like the cluttered look myself but must admit some people can do it well. Also I agree that it is better if things have a meaning to you and have a story or history to them
    Anny xx

  2. I really like the way you decorate. It’s decorating with impact. When I choose pieces to display, I prefer it if they are functional as well to save space (like your chopping board), and I also like leaving plenty of room around an item so it is highlighted. You have inspired me to take another look around my home to check that I am displaying things well, thanks!

  3. I got several of those Massai warrior statues for only $10 the lot at a fair in the country the other day. Tremendous bargain but it has meant relocating other items to display them. I grouped them together and left space around. I just have to keep away from garage sales, fetes etc as there are so many bargains but they just end up as clutter.
    Do you use the glass cutting board much? Don’t they blunt knives?

  4. Sometimes is is difficult to resist a bargain. It is only a bargain if you need the item and will definitely use it. Perhaps you could indulge the thrill of finding something by restoring it and selling for a profit on ebay – just a thought? Otherwise, I agree that the easiest way is not to go there.
    Re the glass cutting board – it is mostly decorative though I sometimes use it as a serving platter – nice for cheeses and fruit after a meal.

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