A Precious Resource


When we think of resources many would think of water, electricity or the minerals in the ground.

For those embracing a simple life, one of the greatest resources is time.  Time to make your food from scratch, time to repair your possessions, time to refashion clothes, time to spend in the garden growing your own food and so on.

Time is a valuable resource and it is in our best interests to use it wisely.  As some of you would know from previous posts, I am not a great fan of multi-tasking.  Nor do I expect that we should be ‘doing’ something all of the time.  Taking time out to just ‘be’ is as important as any task.

Sometimes it is worth looking to see if you can identify time which is just being wasted.  For me it would be the 2.5 hours I spend travelling on the train each day.  I often use the time to write my blog, reply to emails, plan menus for the week or update my diary.  Sometimes I knit or do some hand sewing.  Today I have redone the hem of a dress for Missy.  I also stitched the facings down as they had tend to roll out otherwise.

Do you have any windows of time in your day that you could use to take the pressure off what you try to fit into 24 hours?  Perhaps it is while waiting to pick up children from school or a sports event?

4 thoughts on “A Precious Resource

  1. I used to use the time sitting in the car waiting for kids to make suffolk puffs which turned into a handsewn quilt for DD. It also used material scraps from things i had made for her and other people also contributed puffs. While it is still at our place, it is her heirloom.

    • WOW, Barb! I had to google suffolk puffs to discover what you meant. My sister had a clown that my grandmother made – I now know how it was different sized suffolk puffs threaded on wire (straightened out coathangers) for his body, arms and legs. That would have been made in the early 1970′s.

  2. I’ve been really lucky and I was able to move a 7-minute walk away from work. So I have to remind myself that it’s still worth it to take my kindle with me everywhere, because I never know when I might get five minutes to read. These sudden book breaks unfortunately aren’t as predictable now that I don’t have a commute. Not that I miss the time on the train though!

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