Gone From the Office


Tonight I decided to get rid of more stuff I can do without.  My office is still the area where there is significant excess stuff.

First, I tossed a pile of ‘scrap’ paper which I use for writing shopping lists, menu plans and so on.  I realised that there was no way it would ever be used up so into the recycling it went.  I still have a small pile of used A4 paper for using in the printer as well as 6 notepads.  They are more user-friendly than what I recycled which included blank pages from diaries back as far as 2006.

Next I did a quick sweep through the filing cabinet.  It is far from finished but I did cull a lot of stuff.  2 books to the op shop bag, then the cards, piles of old catalogues, fliers and brochures (mostly gardening) from 5 – 10 years ago went into the recycling.  I am not sure how they managed to escape previous culling sessions but it just goes to prove that just because you have decluttered an area once that it is done for all time.  Things tend to creep back in as well as our needs and interests constantly evolving.

2 plastic sleeves have gone back into the stash of sleeves, 1 bulldog clip and 2 Post-it notepads will go to work (I use them there but not at home).

I intend to move something out of my home everyday this week.

Till next time.

7 thoughts on “Gone From the Office

  1. good for you, it sounds as though your office is now nice and clutter free. I find I hate to throw away something that might be useful and as a result have stuff hanging around for years waiting to be used up! Time to be realistic as to how many shopping lists I am actually going to need!

    • Not completely free of clutter but every day I try to get rid of something so always making progress. I hear you about the shopping lists. I have just had to tell myself that there is a limit to what I can realistically use. It is ridiculous to save way too much but on the other hand I do not like throwing stuff out. Difficult, isn’t it??

  2. Hi
    We keep all of our bank statements and anything that could be vaguely connected to our tax for 5 years. Each year (once our tax is done) I cull the oldest year and add a new year, that is – it is never more than 5 years worth.

    Bills – generally 1 – 2 years so that I can compare year on year for things like electricity and telephone.

    I might do a post on this topic and give a bit more detail. Hope this helps.

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