Wins and Losses


Whatever you do there will be wins and losses.

My win for today is my vegetable seeds that I planted.  The cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli and some of the beetroot are peeping their heads through the seed raising mix.  I will show you a photo once they are a little bigger.

My loss is Project 333.  After much hype and great hopes I have to announce that I have ‘failed’ on Day 3!  Today I wore 3/4 black pants, a work branded polo shirt (not counted) and my sandals.  It was 29C today and is going to be 30C tomorrow.  Oops, no other clothes suitable for weather that is so warm.

Black dress with white spotsThis is what I will be wearing tomorrow with my sandals.  This dress was on my original list but was culled in order to make sure I had enough options for the cooler months.  I am now up to 34 items but definitely not giving up.  I suspect there are going to be some interesting lessons learned over the next 3 months.  Perhaps my first lesson is not to finalise my list prior to the beginning the the challenge.

How is everyone else going?

5 thoughts on “Wins and Losses

  1. If you are going to have the 3 trade-in items then all you need to do is trade out one item that might be too warm now. I will be having to throw out my walking shoes and replacing them with a pair on Van’s that my friend is giving me. I think that’s okay because we are not supposed to suffer with clothes that don’t fit, stained or ripped.

  2. I guess clothes that can be layered would be a great solution, put on more if cold, take off if warm…its all experience .you could include summer dresses and add cardigans,jumpers and leggings…..its all a learning curve …that’s life….lol 🙂

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