Project 333 – On Holidays

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We are away for a couple of days of the Easter break and going to a music festival.

The clothes I am wearing are pretty much my standard casual wear and I have taken a couple of photos to show you.  Unfortunately, my laptop and camera and not ‘talking’ to each other at the moment so the photos will have to wait until I get home.

2012-04-08 01I brought a pair of jeans and my my charcoal grey travel pants as well as two 3/4 sleeve t-shirts – red/white stripe and black/white stripe with a rugby top for the cooler evening as we have been outdoors until well after midnight.

2012-04-08 02My footwear is a pair of red lace-up casuals from Ecco.  I did also bring my sneakers (not on the list) just in case there was wet weather and the shoes got wet on the first day.  The weather has been absolutely gorgeous so the sneakers have stayed firmly ensconced in the bottom of my bag.

A look around the festival at other attendees reinforces that there was no particular dress-code – it really is a matter of anything goes!  My priority was comfort and that suited me nicely.

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