Crafting in Progress

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Tonight I wanted to show you 2 craft projects I am working on.

First, the patchwork strap for the bag I am refashioning.

2012-04-09 01I have chosen colours that will complement the existing bag.  These fabrics are all scraps from my stash of bits of fabric.  I have fused the lining to the patchwork using double-sided iron-on interfacing.  I am going to make my own bias binding from some black fabric and bind the edges of the strap before attaching it to the bag.

Next is some knitting.  I am not the world’s best knitter but this simple dishcloth can be finished in a day or two.

2012-04-09 02I am using a pattern in the book, ‘Down to Earth’.  I plan to make several of these so that I always one on hand.

My handcraft projects are generally of a practical nature.  Craft evolved as a part of homemaking and this is the way I view it rather than some of the expensive and impractical pursuits which are currently promoted by retailers desperate to sell more materials.

Do you have a favourite craft?  What do you create with your craft skills?

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