Wardrobe Planning

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Even though it is still a little over 4 months until we head off on our trip to the US I have started planning the clothes that I will be taking.  We will be in Maine and Vermont in early September so am expecting that the weather could be getting quite cool.  Although I have a parka I do not own a lightweight fleece top so I bought this jacket online last week.

2012-04-10 01I bought it from Wilderness Wear and it is actually made here in Australia which is a refreshing change these days.  I bought it on special ( half price) for $75.  The sleeves are too long for me but that will be easy to alter.  It is very light yet warm and is quite fitted and looks stylish.  It will wash easily, dry quickly and be suitable to wear for a variety of occasions.  This makes it perfect for travelling. The colour I chose complements most of my existing clothing which makes it a versatile choice.

The next thing I need to get is another pair of lightweight travel pants.  I have 2 pairs at the moment which both have zip-off legs which effectively gives me 2 pairs of trousers plus 2 pairs of shorts.  One pair are Mont brand and I love the fit and feel of them, whereas the other, much cheaper pair are nowhere near as comfortable.  I would really like another pair the same as my Mont ones.

By thinking about what I need and buying wisely without any last minute rush I have my best chance of getting good quality clothes that meet my needs at a reasonable price.

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