Project 333 – The Ripple Effect

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I have been contemplating what to write tonight when it occurred to me that reducing the clothes that I wear for the next 3 months to just 33 items is really the tip of the iceberg.

The concept of living with less stuff can be applied to many other areas of your life.

I find myself thinking critically about all of my stuff and wondering what we really need and how much is enough.  The concept of enough is an interesting one and it is very personal.  Each individual’s circumstances and experiences can lead to very different ideas of enough.  It is important to find what is right for you.  Books, backpacks, pens, CDs, glassware are all on my radar.  I may not actually get rid of anything but I am certainly giving thought to our needs.

In the meantime, back to Project 333.  Here are some other blog posts about the project.  If you find any others that interest you, please add them in the comments.


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One thought on “Project 333 – The Ripple Effect

  1. As an almost recovered clutterbug, one of the ways we have reduced excess is by just knowing what we have too much of (like pens) and being okay when the levels decrease. Maybe we don’t need to throw away the extra whatever but once it’s used up then we can keep realistic amounts. Setting limits is important. I also have a better time giving things away if I know they will be needed where they are going.

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