Woodworker Wanted


It is Friday evening and we have a long weekend stretching luxuriously in front of us.  Not too many plans and some time to achieve interspersed with time to relax.

One thing I have pencilled into the diary is going to the Maleny Wood Expo.  We have lived here over 6 years, yet have never attended this event.  We always seem to be on holidays or away for the weekend.

I do have a particular reason for wanting to go this year.

Silky oak cabinet

This cabinet is solid silky oak.  It was made by my father in the 1950’s from a rather large and outdated (at the time) sideboard.  There were drop-down doors on the front originally but they have long since been removed.  This has been at my parents’ home for as long as I can remember and when my mother was moving into a small unit I decided to bring it home.

I had no real idea about what I would do but I had a vague notion of being able to reuse the timber – possibly into a small coffee table.  However, we recently moved our television from the wall mounting and wanted something to stand it on so used this piece of furniture as an interim measure.

The idea has formed to keep it pretty much as is but the green paint on the inside will need to be removed and I would like open shelving in the middle section to house the DVD player and PVR.  The side sections need doors and will be used to store DVDs, CDs and associated peripherals.

Now all I need is someone to do this work and return this lovely piece of furniture to its former glory.  That is where the wood expo comes in – I intend to take some photographs of it and hope to find a craftsman who is willing to create the vision I have for this cabinet.

Here is an image of a silky oak tree (Grevillea Robusta), the source of the timber used in this cabinet.  The tree is native to our local area so I am hoping I will find someone who has access to a supply of the timber as more will be required for the shelves and doors.

Silky Oak

We have often moved and re-purposed furniture in our home but I have never considered undertaking a major restoration such as I am considering.  I think it will definitely be worthwhile.

Durable, solid timber furniture that is handed down through generations is much more appealing than the latest mass-produced import.

2 thoughts on “Woodworker Wanted

  1. Should you not be able to find someone with a supply of Silky Oak, have you considered looking in second-hand shops for another item of Silky Oak furniture which could be used to cut the shelves and doors you will need? Silky Oak was frequently used in early Queensland furniture. A table would give you a large flat area to cut into.

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