The Final Itinerary


Those of you who have been playing along at home will know that we have been working on the itinerary for our upcoming USA trip.  It is over 3 months until we go but I now have the final plan.  We have all of our accommodation booked so now we can spend our time researching and planning what we will do.

  • Washington DC – 4 nights
  • Philadelphia – 2 nights
  • New York – 4 nights
  • Boston – 2 nights

All travelling will be by train between cities and public transport within the city.

Then we pick up a hire care in Boston and head off.

  • Cape Elizabeth (Portland) – 2 nights
  • Bar Harbor – 2 nights
  • Shelburne – 1 night
  • Charlotte – 2 nights
  • Shaftsbury – 1 night
  • Woodstock – 2 nights
  • Cape Cod – 2 night

Drop of car in Boston and train to Washington DC.

  • Washington DC – 1 night

Fly home

Any tips or ideas for the areas we will be seeing would be gratefully accepted.

In the meantime I found cheap flights on Jetstar so have booked to go to Adelaide for the weekend in November to see a friend for her birthday.

4 thoughts on “The Final Itinerary

  1. In DC I went to the Holocaust museum – don’t arrive too late in the day, or you risk being not let in (not that it happened to me, but it can, as they slow the numbers down when it gets too full – even though it’s free, they do monitor the number of people there).

    I love NY, but I can’t put my finger on why, or what I would recommend someone else to do! Oh, I know, I got my mum (split with my brothers and dad) a flight over NYC in a helicopter (and then of course I bought myself a ticket so she wasn’t alone). She was mostly freaked out by the idea of it, but LOVED it, and since, we’ve given her a flight over Sydney for her birthday (which she conned Dad into doing too).

    I’ve not been to Boston, but they have a really old ball park, and if you can see a game there (or NYC – I did go to a Yankees game) it’s a really great atmosphere. So too is basketball, which I’ve seen on previous trips.

    I’m really surprised to see you’re flying in and out through DC – that is strange :p Have fun!

    • Thanks for your thoughts. The Holocaust Museum is part of our plans for DC. I usually try to go to museums in the morning and then I can spend as long as I like without feeling rushed.

      Helicopter flight – mmm, I don’t think so. I don’t really have any interest in baseball but may take a look at Fenway Park (in Boston).

      We are flying into Fort Worth, Dallas then a connecting flight to DC. Qantas now have fights direct from Australia to Dallas.

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