End of Life


Despite all the mending and repairs, there comes a time when things reach the end of their life.  This pair of The Duke’s trousers is a perfect example.

2012-05-24 01I have previously posted about patching them and while the patches have survived there is yet another worn patch lower down the leg.  These are not accidental rips – the fabric is simply wearing out and they are getting quite thin in numerous places.  Therefore, it has ceased to be worthwhile mending them any longer.

My initial thought was to throw them in the bin but then I realised that as well as being mindful when we are purchasing items we should also be responsible for them at the end of their useful life.  Many garments are cut up for rags or tying up plants in the garden but these are suitable for neither.2012-05-24 03

I decided to remove the zip and button for possible future re-use and decided that since these trousers are cotton they could go in the compost.

2012-05-24 02So that the fabric would mix with the rest of the compost I cut the trousers into strips and here it is ready to become part of the garden.

2012-05-24 04This is my seam ripper which is identical to the one that I broke while removing the zip from the trousers.  I am not sure why I had two of these but now there is only one.  The broken one went in the rubbish bin.

3 thoughts on “End of Life

  1. Another advantage of natural fibres – it is great to know that it is not taking up space in landfill and is going to eventually be integrated back to the soil that helps to produce your food.

  2. Black Opaque Tights are nylon which do not decompose in landfill,our school as 700 pupils ..300 girls, who wear Black Opaque Nylon Tights, thats 300 pairs of Tights, our solution …? all pupils now donate [ hand in] there old Tights to the school,where we incinerate them [burn them] ,no pair of tights go in the bin, all are destroyed.

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