Project Streamline – Summer Tops/Shirts

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I am getting close to the end of cataloging the categories of clothing in my wardrobe.  Naturally, I have left the most difficult till last.  Even so, I have split the tops into a couple of groups.  Today I am looking at the summer (short-sleeved and sleeveless ) tops that I have.


As usual this includes the full range from old polo shirts that I use for painting to tops I wear to social events.

2012-07-02 012 T-shirts in good condition that I wear regularly though not frequently
They are both ‘souvenirs’ that I will happily keep and use until they wear out.  I probably will not buy any more of this style in the future.

2012-07-02 022 polo shirts – the darker one is actually a corporate freebie but the logo is reasonably discreet so I do wear it.  The lighter shirt  is quite faded and whilst still wearable is probably not required so I think it will go to the op shop where someone may get some use from it.  In the following photos you will see that I have more than enough shirts to wear when I am painting/gardening etc.

2012-07-02 03These tops are identical and are a simple scoop-neck top with a cap sleeve.  You can see my penchant for buying more than 1 of the same style when I find something that I like.

2012-07-02 04I have had these tops for over 10 years and they are a permanent fixture in my wardrobe.  They are not identical but very similar.  They have a short sleeve which is quite fitted and are perfect for travelling and suitable for wearing under a rugby top.  They feature in almost all of my holiday photos and will be going to the USA with me in a couple of months.

2012-07-02 05These 4 paint-spattered polo shirts belonged to my daughters when they were at high school (10-15 years ago).  They are hold every colour paint that we have used in 3 different houses!  I wear them when gardening or painting and will continue to do so as they are no use for anything else – not even as rags as they are polyester cotton and have no absorbency.  One day I will throw them out.

2012-07-02 06These are 3 shirts which are suitable for wearing at home but have not descended to the level of the previous selection.  I will probably get rid of the green one and keep the others.

2012-07-02 07Just in case you thought that I don’t have any presentable tops – here is a sleeveless linen one I made last year.  I have 2 more in the same style that are partly made so they will be new for next summer.

2012-07-02 082 basic cotton/lycra camisoles for wearing under shirts/cardigans

2012-07-02 093 cotton shirts that I have made.  The red/white definitely stays but the others are looking past their best so I might move them along.  I will reserve my judgement on that for a bit longer.

2012-07-02 10This is a loose cotton shirt that I made many years ago and it is excellent for those really hot days as it is 100% cotton.  Not the fanciest style or pattern but definitely a keeper.

2012-07-02 11This black collared top is well-worn but super comfy and goes with anything.  It stays.

As usual, I am forced to make some decisions, simply by virtue of having to put in writing why I own some of these pieces.

I will throw 2 of the ‘painting shirts’ in the bin.  The faded navy polo shirt and the green t-shirt will go to the op shop.  I will decide the fate of a couple of others when the warmer weather returns.

Next week will be my 3/4 and long-sleeve tops and then that should be almost the end of Project Streamline.

It has been an enlightening exercise to list all of my clothes here week by week.  I can now see where I have an excess and what I need to replace or add to.

One thought on “Project Streamline – Summer Tops/Shirts

  1. As always, love it! Good on you for all the sleeveless tops! I’m so “scared” of them (since high school no less!) I do have a lot of spaghetti strapped singlets that I wear under everything (all year around), and I’ll show all that (neck, arms etc), or then it’s pretty much a 3/4 length sleeve. I’m so weird (and I know it!)

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