Cruel to be Kind


I always feel cruel at this time of the year as I have to clip our Border Collie dog in preparation for the tick season which usually begins at the start of August.  Sometimes I have left it too late with very serious consequences for both the dog and my wallet.

Today was the day and here is the ‘before’ photo.

2012-07-28 01It is not a particularly good photo as Psycho dog was determined not to co-operate.  He co-operated even less once he saw the clippers, however, once I convince him that it has to be done he just stands still and quivers.

I used to pay to have him clipped but then eventually decided that I could do it myself.  It has only taken 3 haircuts to recoup the cost of the clippers.  While my efforts are not up to show standard I think he looks quite respectable.

Here is the end result.

2012-07-28 02Once it was all done I washed him with handmade neem soap and then dried him off with the hairdryer and he does look rather gorgeous.  I think he will be wearing his Drizabone coat a fair bit for the next month while the weather is still quite cool – particularly at night.

It was imperative that I got this done before we go on holidays as the housesitter will need to check him regularly for ticks and that is nearly impossible while his coat is long.

That is another job ticked off my ‘to do’ list before we head off.

5 thoughts on “Cruel to be Kind

  1. I am not sure if you get the same type of ticks that we get here, but we never had to clip our dogs. We used to buy a tick collar similar to a flea collar for one dog. We bought these from a feed and stock store. The other dog used to have an annual injection. Now everything did not work perfectly, and we still gave the dogs regular baths with neem products and regular coat inspections. One other strategy is to let the chickens roam in the areas that the dogs use. Chickens eat ticks. But before you do anything please check that the type of ticks is the same.

  2. Poor pooch….. much better than the fate that will await him from a tick bite though!!! You do a very good job of the haircut with the clippers!!!

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