Supporting A Charity


There are all sorts of ways we can help those less fortunate than ourselves.  There are so many worthwhile charities out there who are doing magnificent work that sometimes it is hard to choose where your dollar should go.  There is everything from the largest global organisation to small, local groups whose work goes mostly unnoticed.

2013-04-21 03Today you have an opportunity to help a small but amazing band of people who knit new items for those who are in dire need.  They make everything from beanies for premature babies to blankets.

You can vote online for the Heritage Bank Volunteer of the Year nominee, Karen Croke who set up the group, ‘Knitting For Brisbane’s Needy’ 7 years ago.  The prize for the Volunteer of the Year would be used to fund storage and transport facilities if she were to win.

2013-02-02 02You can read more about the group here.

You can follow this link to vote.  Just click on the ‘Vote Now’ button and scroll down until you find Karen Croke and then just follow the directions.  She is currently in second place.  You can only vote once from each email address, however, if you have access to more than one email address you will be able to vote once from each address.

I have no particular interest in the outcome of this award apart from the fact that Karen is an acquaintance of mine and I would genuinely love to see her receive this award and consequently the prizemoney which would be used wisely.

International entries are also accepted.

Thank you for considering supporting this cause.

Regular posts will return tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Supporting A Charity

  1. I am very proud to be able to use my spare time and my wool collection to provide items for Knitting for Brisbane’s Needy. Even though I work fulltime I am able to do this activity while I watch tv and then contact Karen to do my drop off. I have also donated baby wool which I find too fiddly to use. I would encourage everyone to vote and to help out if you can.

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