Project 333 – How Many Can You Make?


While I don’t adhere precisely to the concept of 33 items for 3 months, I have been working on streamlining my wardrobe.  I make sure that everything in there is something that I truly love and wear.  It also needs to be capable of being worn in several different ways.

Today I want to show you how versatile a few pieces can be so I selected a total of 13 items.

2013-02-27 012 skirts

2013-02-27 02A pair of 3/4 trousers

2013-02-27 03Dark blue jeans

2013-02-27 04That is a total of 4 ‘bottoms’.  Then I added 4 tops.

2013-02-27 05Three are the same style and the white one is slightly different.

A jacket with 3/4 sleeves which is very practical for our climate and also air-conditioned offices.

2013-02-27 06A cardigan

2013-02-27 07Finally, some footwear.

2013-02-27 08Look carefully and you will see that almost any combination will work.

In reality there are a few things I would not do.

Wear sandals with jeans
Wear sandals when wearing jacket or cardigan
Wear white top with spotted skirt (cream) or with the white trousers (too much white)
Wear red top and red jacket together
Wear black top and black cardigan together
Wear blue top and black cardigan with checked skirt or jeans (too many different dark colours together)

By applying the ‘rules’ I set above I have calculated that I could create 72 different outfits by adding/deleting a jacket/cardigan or changing the shoes.

How versatile are the clothes in your wardrobe?

7 thoughts on “Project 333 – How Many Can You Make?

  1. 72 outfits from those items is fantastic, and that’s staying within your rules which would expand that number immensely. I don’t really follow project 333, but have basic colors so just about every thing works together. Unlike you I would and do wear sandals with jeans.

  2. in summer, I would also wear sandals with anything – unless my pants were too long and required a heel to keep them from dragging on the ground. And unless they were different shades of black, I would wear the black shirt and cardigan together without a second thought. 🙂

  3. I wish I could be this ‘good’ but I’m seriously feeling tired and down with my current wardrobe offerings and have decided tonight I’ll look at acquiring a few items. Of course, only if what I find fits with what I have, and what I know I’ll wear, of course. (even though I wear a uniform to work, the weekends/after work wearing of clothes is so repetitive)

    I agree with Heidi, I’d wear thongs/sandals with jeans, likewise black with black! But I agree on the white/cream thing, so I try to avoid cream as a rule.

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