Use It, Don’t Store It


The rain continues to pour down here with more flooding predicted.  This is our third round in less than 4 weeks so I think the only ones enjoying the weather are the ducks.  Extreme weather events make life a bit more challenging so we just manage the bare basics.  The systems and organisation that I have in place make it reasonably easy to get by but there is no denying that I do long for a bit of fine weather.

Our lake

In the meantime, I wanted to share something small with you.  We do not have a toothbrush holder as a permanent fixture.  At one stage we would put them on a shallow tray in the cupboard but I decided that it would be easier to have them accessible on the bench so I cast around for a suitable container.  I wanted something stylish but did not see the need to rush out and buy one so I re-purposed this vase.

2013-02-26 02It is the right size and shape as well as being stable and quite heavy so is unlikely to be knocked over.

I was involved in an online discussion recently regarding how many vases people had and where they stored them.  I found that I had 5, including this re-purposed one.  None of them are stored as such.

This one which came from my mother is a piece which I love and it is the centrepiece on my dining table.

Two of the others live on the sideboard and are essentially decorative, although they can be used for holding flowers as required.

The final tiny vase which I was given for my 21st birthday is an ornament on my dressing table.

Do you have vases and how do you store them?

8 thoughts on “Use It, Don’t Store It

  1. Great idea for a toothbrush holder. I have several vases but the one I will always keep is tall rectangular clear glass vase which contained lovely tulips from my workmates delivered to me during a lengthy hospital stay. I had a nasty accident at work and needed multiple back surgeries. My Neurosurgeon said I only had a 20% chance of walking out of hospital under my own steam. After 2 weeks I walked out under my own steam using only a walking stick as an aid. The tulips had long since dried up by then but I took the vase home because it had come to symbolise my determination and although my gait is awkward I can still get around under my own steam and for that I am eternally grateful 🙂

    • What an inspiring story. The association of the vase with your determination is very powerful and worth maintaining. Best wishes for your continued mobility.

  2. I used to have a few, but have passed them on as I wasn’t living where I could have cut flowers, refusing to buy them. Today I use glass jars from spaghetti sauce or jam jars for vases when I bring in my own cut flowers from the fields.

    As for toothbrush holders go, I repurposed a stainless steel drinking glass from the kitchen. I love silver so it fits in nicely with my tastes, but yours is much more attractive. I wouldn’t buy some thing specifically for holding a toothbrush either.

  3. What a pretty vase♥ I received as a gift a small trinket box of the same design back in the 1970’s and was told it was made from Indian Soapstone, it looks exactly the same design as your vase/toothbrush holder:) Oh dear I think I will past on the number of vases I have, I didn’t think I had that many until I read your post:( To be fair quite a number of them are little bud vases:)

  4. I have a lot of vases (between my place and my parents) as a legacy of a floristry course, and prepping for weddings. Currently, I have two on my open shelves in my kitchen, and another bulbous one housing a terrarium. There’s also a blue glass one somewhere – perhaps the balcony – not a good place for it, but alas… As a rule, I refuse any vase that I deem impractical for my needs – I’ll never had one stem of a flower, always a bunch. So it needs to be wide mouthed (but not widening out – flowers get unruly). It also needs to be deep/tall enough.

    My toothbrush holder is a blue glass from Morocco. I knew I needed one, and used a ironing jug til my trip in October. Then I specifically sought one out that was the right colour and height. A thoughtful ‘souvenir’!

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