Project 333 – Goodbye Summer


We are now into March and it is officially autumn here in the Southern Hemisphere.

I was reading this post over at Extra Organised where Kim posed the question, “Have you worn all of your summer clothes yet?  If not, why not?”

This was just the reminder I needed.  My wardrobe is now sufficiently streamlined, that when I read this I could confidently answer to myself that everything had been worn except one item.

These board shorts.

014 (2)

I had previously identified that they probably would not survive as a long-term addition to my wardrobe but the thing that finally prompted me to move them to the op shop bag is the fact that they are much too big for me now.  So, out they go.

My summer collection will continue to be curated and upgraded but it is a good feeling to know that the number and type of clothes that I have suits my current lifestyle.

I wonder if I will be able to say the same about my winter clothes at the beginning of spring?

8 thoughts on “Project 333 – Goodbye Summer

  1. I certainly have an abundance of winter clothes which I will never wrar here in Qld. That’s what happens when you spend 3 winters in Canada.

  2. Lovely! How fabulous that you had only one unworn item and you could then let it go. Such a satisfying feeling to know that your wardrobe suits your lifestyle and is supporting you rather than getting in the way (which a cluttered wardrobe would do daily)!

    • Recognising what you need for your current lifestyle is one of the most important aspects of decluttering, be itt clothes or other stuff.

      I read recently about admitting to having a ‘fantasy self’ and understanding what you have to support this persona helps in letting go of it. It is an interesting concept.

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