10 thoughts on “Respect

  1. I have been saddened by the way the Australian people have treated this woman. No one deserves the disrespect and demeaning ridicule she has had poured upon her. Her name will grace the Australian history books and you are right to say no-one can take that honour away from her.

    • Well said, Pat. I have been appalled by the sexist and degrading attitude towards Ms Gillard. No-one should ever be subjected to the type of behaviour that was directed at her. Australians should hang their collective heads in shame for allowing this to happen and continue. It is not about politics, it is about respect for the position and the person who holds it.

  2. It never ceased/ceases to amaze me how disrespectful the media were/are to Julia Gillard. This total lack of respect would not be tolerated in the USA or the UK but we ALLOW this inane drivel to be directed at our First Lady. I also find it unbelievable that the top job is now occupied by the ex PM and a man who stated he would NOT run for PM. Is it any wonder the state of Australian Politics is so abysmal?

  3. Wise words, Merryl. It has been wrong of us to allow the disrespect to continue. I feel that I have been partly to blame by saying nothing and keeping my thoughts to myself.

    Perhaps it is time to stand up and speak out about those things and attitudes that are wrong, disrespectful and offensive. Our society has become completely driven by the media.

  4. I think the thing that gets me is that it happened twice! The backroom people ousted KRudd and then did the same to Julia! I mean, come on people! Not that I think it’s at all fair the way the media and the general public treated our first female Prime Minister but the antics with the changes of leadership are equally disgraceful now as last time.

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